Our Story


Born and raised in England of Indian heritage, I was fortunate to quickly learn the significance and value that jewellery played in my culture. Far from her home in India, my mother exposed me to timeless family heirlooms. I was fascinated from a young age. Individual pieces encapsulated her special memories, sentiments and even ambitions passed down through generations. 


I have vivid memories of her showcasing her jewels on various occasions, while I was mesmerised by all that sparkled. The rich colours, depth and delicate techniques of my mother’s jewellery was like fine art accessorising her beauty.


I founded Narasha in 2019 to create heirlooms that I could one day pass down to my own daughters. Jewellery with a contemporary twist that retains value and longevity. 


Jewellery that is relevant and supportive to future generations of women, an eternal promise from mother to daughter.The name Narasha is a combination of my three daughters’ names: Sienna, Lara, and Elisha. Our earrings embody eternity, love, beauty and purity – traits inspired by my little muses, each encompassing their own story of boundless beauty. 


I wanted to create earrings that make a lasting statement – unrivalled, versatile and ready to treasure memories.With a background in economics, my journey was driven solely by a creative passion to watch my vision and emotions come to life. Wearing my own pieces made me feel confident and empowered. I was not bound by rules so I was free to imagine, design and create jewellery that challenges the status quo.


Narasha symbolises a playful East-meets-West upbringing, marrying British, Indian and Thai influences through innovative design. Our collections are inspired by Nature, Art, and the Cosmopolitan – all things built to last.


Neetu Kedia, Founder of Narasha Jewellery

Narasha behind the scenes