About Narasha

About Narasha


About Narasha

Committed to Ethical Sourcing and Empowering Women

At Narasha, we believe in responsible practices and supporting the communities we work with. Our commitment to ethically sourced materials means that we meticulously select the finest raw materials, procuring them from reputable vendors. Furthermore , we take pride in championing women artisans, as our exceptionally adept and seasoned female creators breathe life into our designs with their technical mastery. With a dedicated internal unit overseeing every phase of production, we ensure the utmost precision and attention to detail in every piece.


Embodying Artful Aesthetics

Narasha Jewellery was born out of a passion for creating wearable art that transcends trends. Our extensive collection encompasses not only earrings but also an enchanting array of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. Each delicately crafted piece showcases a harmonious blend, resulting in jewelry that exudes both grace and power.


Unparalleled Beauty in Every Detail

From the luminous sparkle of diamonds to the vibrant allure of precious and semi-precious colored stones, our designs are exquisitely set in 18 karat gold. The result is a harmonious symphony of elegance and playfulness, capturing the essence of sophisticated contemporary style. Our jewelry pieces are meant to be cherished for a lifetime, passing the test of time with unwavering beauty and enduring charm.


Unleash Your Inner Radiance

Narasha Jewellery epitomizes a world where creativity knows no boundaries. Guided by the visionary founder, Neetu Kedia, we explore the realms of mixed materials, textures, colors, and geometric forms. The outcome is a collection of expressive statement pieces that effortlessly transition from sunset to sunrise, celebrating your unique style and igniting your inner radiance.

Explore our collection today and discover the extraordinary jewelry that will become a cherished part of your story. Narasha Jewellery: Where timeless elegance meets artistic expression.